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How To Become A Client

If you live in New York State and need help with your bill problems then we may be able to help you. You’ll need to make an appointment to talk with one of our lawyers, which is how we’ll know if we can help – and if so, how.

There is no fee for the first consultation because that’s when we will determine what, if anything, we can do for you.

Step One: Learn About How We Work

Shaev & Fleischman maintains a virtual office as well as an actual, physical location in the Empire State Building in midtown Manhattan.  That may sound impressive, but don’t worry – we got in before the rents got too high.

You get to choose which way you want to work – by phone and online, or in person at our office.  Either way is fine by us because your convenience is what’s most important.

Step Two: Make Your Appointment

Making an appointment to see me is incredibly easy. When you’re ready and have all documents with you, call 646-722-8649 x710 and speak with Jackie.  Tell her you want to set up an appointment to talk about getting out of debt, and she’ll help set you up.

Step Three:  Get Your Free Copy Of The Consumer’s Guide To Bankruptcy

Some bankruptcy lawyers claim to be able to help you, but how many of them are willing to give away almost three decades of knowledge at absolutely no cost or obligation?  Just click here and claim your copy of this helpful guide so you can be fully prepared when you come to see us.