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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy - Does It Help Private Student Loans?

Question:  I have three private student loans that is in default.i can not afford to pay them them. i have a co-signer but she can not pay them as well. i tried to work with the debt collector but they want me to pay the full amount and dont want to work out anything with me like a payment arragment. so im wondering if i file a chapter 13 would it consolidate my student loans into a lower monthly payments or is there nothing i can do?


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Assuming you qualify to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, doing so will allow you to pay your student loans through the Plan. During that time, the co-debtor stay would apply so your co-signer would not be subject to continued collection activity. If your Chapter 13 Plan does not cover all of your student loan payments then you can always file another one as soon as the first one is completed; we have had clients who do this for no reason other than to handle their student loans more effectively.